The Import Warehouse Platinum Certified Warranty

The Import Warehouse thoroughly inspects all of its vehicles before considering them worthy of inclusion in our inventory. We back that quality committment with our 3 month / 3,000 mile Platinum Certified Warranty on every vehicle that is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty *(excludes exotics & back lot inventory).
No excuses sales practices, no excuses warranty, no excuses cars!

We are also proud to offer extended warranties commensurate with the quality of these vehicles listed on our inventory page. With warranty periods lasting up to eight years, you can have the best of both worlds: a pre-owned price with a full factory-style warranty. Our Platinum Certified Warranty allows you the freedom to get your car serviced at any repair facility, even the dealer. And it also offers a rental car reinbursement and towing!

Benefits of our Platinum Certified Warranty:
  • Your choice of repair facility - independent mechanic or the dealership
  • National warranty
  • Roadside Assistance and Towing
  • Rental Car
  • Your mechanic is paid directly by the warranty company
  • Transferable
Just like the Certified Warranties offered by the Dealership, our Platinum Certified Warranty does not cover Cosmetic and Maintenance items. Cosmetics include items such as paint, trim, and glass. Maintenance items would include tires, belts, hoses, oil changes, brake pads - items that are meant to be changed regularly.

Our Certified Warranties are backed by A+ Rated Insurance Companies to protect your warranty investment should the warranty company not be able to honor it's warranty commitments. We price these warranties significantly lower than the dealerships, making them a sound investment for our customers.

We never pressure you to buy our warranties, unlike the dealerships. We are happy to assist you with any additional information you may request regarding these warranties.

You can view the complete extended warranty contract and all the "small print" by clicking on the link provided.