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J.C. McMullen | Sales

J.C. McMullen | Sales View

Hometown: Brookfield, WI
Education: University of Wisconsin
Languages: English
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Cars, Basketball
Robert Savi | Sales

Robert Savi | Sales View

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL
Education: Bachelor of Architecture; University of Arizona
Languages: English, French
Hobbies: Cars, design, home improvement, racing, biking, hiking
Ryan Scantland | Sales

Ryan Scantland | Sales View

Hometown: Denver, CO
Education: Metropolitan State University
Languages: English
Hobbies: Music, concerts, time in nature, checking out new breweries
Melanie Lane | Administration

Melanie Lane | Administration View

Hometown: Commack, NY
Education: Bachelor of Science, CSU
Languages: English
Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Family Gatherings and Organizing Things
Patti Pottorf | Administration

Patti Pottorf | Administration View

Hometown: Golden, CO
Education: Some college
Hobbies: Tennis, oil painting, and writing children's books
Rean Savi | Porter

Rean Savi | Porter View

Hometown: Golden, CO
Education: Golden High School, Bell Middle School, Maple Grove Elementary
Languages: English
Hobbies: Beekeeping,Martial Archery,Camping, and video games
Christopher Dura | Creative Technologist

Christopher Dura | Creative Technologist View

Hometown: Chambersburg, PA
Education: BA, Media Arts and Animation, Art Institute of Colorado
Languages: English, TechnoGarble
Hobbies: Skiing/Snowboarding, Movies, Sports

Tache View

Hometown: Kansas City and Rocky Mountain GSP Rescue in Penrose, CO
Education: Home-Schooled
Languages: German (duh!), basic English
Hobbies: Chasing squirrels, tug toy tugging, wagging, running, sitting, riding in cars (and UPS vans), sleeping (with a pillow) and squirrels - definitely squirrels!

Tesla View

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Education: Gimme a treat and I'll tell you.
Hobbies: Food, chewing rawhides, chasing my GSP,

Tobee View

Hometown: Denver, CO
Education: Puppy Training Valedictorian
Hobbies: Fetching and swimming
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